Our Workflow

The App Plan (one day)

Sit down with us and plan your app for a whole day. This important step can help you decide how to further proceed with your idea. We will provide a summary design spec and Wireframe pdf that you can use to get a full quotation from a developer. Don’t feel obliged to let us build the app after this but we would no doubt love to.


We take pride in designing pixel-perfect applications. We think carefully about the user experience delivering a delightful and intuitive interface. Taking complex ideas and translating them into simple and usable solutions is our passion.


We build natively for Android and iOS generating hand-written code bespoke for your application. Our love for code drives a passion for robust and quality results that we are proud to deploy on the marketplace.


We timeline projects to include milestones. You give the green light on each milestone to make sure you’re happy with the progress achieved to date. We think this is brilliant way to involve you in the process of an application taking shape.

Maintenance After Care

The unexpected can happen especially in development, if you find something isn’t working as you expected or new devices are causing an issue for your customer or maybe an undetected bug this can help. We offer this service as your app reaches the masses to guarantee access to development time.


The 21st century is fast-paced and new technologies are reaching the market all the time. We can keep your app up-to-date with additional features whilst making it compatible with all the latest phones and operating systems.